The Use of Touch in Play Therapy: Ethics and Clinical Applications

Presenter: Robyn Rausch, MA, LPC-S (TX), LPCC (NM), RPT

3 Non contact CE’s

 APT Content Area: Skills and Methods

A three-hour training focused on the use of touch in therapy. This day in age, it is very stressful to use touch in therapy due to the liability of using physical touch with a child. This is made even more complicated by the myriad of traumas, neglect, and attachment struggles that our clients experience before coming to our office. Despite these struggles, touch is an essential ingredient to building attachment and regulation in young children. Therefore, this training is designed to help therapist’s understand the ethical dilemmas, best practices and importance of touch in play therapy.

OBJECTIVES. Participants will: 

1) discuss ethical dilemmas and best practices in the use of touch based on APT’s Paper on Touch.

2) identify 3 forms of touch they feel comfortable using in the play therapy room.

3) identify 3 appropriate and intentional uses of touch during play therapy.

4) discuss ways to identify negative uses of touch in play therapy and the triggers for those interactions.


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The Use of Touch in Play Therapy: Ethics and Clinical