“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist after growing up.” 
~Pablo Picasso

What is Supervision?

Supervision has two main functions; it should be educative and supportive for the supervisee.


  • To provide a regular space for the supervisee to reflect upon the content and process of their work.
  • To develop understanding and skills within the work.
  • To help relate theory to practice.
  • To enable the supervisee to apply their approach appropriately to children at different developmental stages.
  • To have an opportunity to think and develop ideas.


  • To be validated both as a person and a therapist.
  • To plan and utilize the personal and professional resources of the supervisee.
  • To give constructive positive and critical feedback.
  • To offer a space to reflect and clarify what is evoked by the work and explore their reactions to this experience.
  • Ensure that the work is done in such a way that the supervisor can be accountable for the monitoring and quality of the work being done with the children.

The Child Counseling Center and Play Therapy Institute of New Mexico offers workshops towards the Registered Play Therapist (RPT) certification.   

The RPT process takes a minimum of two years with a maximum of 7 year time frame.

The process is arranged in three phases.  Each phase requires a certain number of continuing education hours, supervision hours and experience with children hours.

Our workshops fit in to each of the required hours.     
We are happy to consult with you and help you navigate some of the process. 

Once everything, in the three phases, is completed you will apply for the Registered Play Therapist certification through the Association for Play Therapy.
For more details go to the Association for Play Therapy website or here 


At this time Child Counseling Center & Play Therapy Institute of New Mexico is not offering supervision.  

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