Supervision to Play With

Supervision to Play With
Presenter: Lisa Dykes-Harrell, LPCC, RPT-S
2.5 non contact CEs

Supervision for play therapy is effective when the supervision experience bridges with the play experience.
This three hour webinar will  explore and compare models of supervision and how play therapy techniques can be used within these models.  This will  give a supervisee a sensory understanding of what they are experiencing and how  play therapy is working with their client.  It infuses academic, interactive and introspective methods to glean knowledge into the various roles and ethical and legal aspects of supervision within play therapy. 

Learning Objectives

1.    Name at least one model of supervision and describe how play therapy techniques are used in this model.
2.    Demonstrate the supervisor's role, rights and responsibilities through lecture and experiential play therapy activities.
3.    Discuss the ethical and legal aspects of supervision in play therapy
4.    Practice the qualities of a good supervisor for play therapists

NON CONTACT Supervision