Play Therapy & Courts

 July 18, 2020    10am-1pm          3 CEs

Play Therapy and The Courts
Presented by Michael Ollom, LISW, RPT-S

This three-hour workshop will focus on what a Play Therapist needs to know when working with children and families that are involved in the court system, specifically family court. The presenter will address best practices, informed consent, and how to avoid harming your practice and the children you work with.
This workshop is designed to help you:
Recognize how confidentiality, conflict of interest, and informed consent of Play Therapy clients can be specifically impacted by court involvement.
Describe at least three imperative questions a Play Therapist should ask at the initial screening phase of treatment.
Explain the differences between the two types of custody recognized by the court system as well as three subcategories, and why this is important to a Play Therapist.