Play Therapy Comprehensive Guide Book Study


This authoritative work brings together leading play therapists to describe state-of-the-art clinical approaches and applications in play therapy. The book explains major theoretical play therapy frameworks and summarizes the contemporary play therapy research base, including compelling findings from neuroscience. Contributors present effective play therapy  strategies for treating children struggling with such problems as trauma, maltreatment, attachment difficulties, bullying, rage, grief, and autism spectrum disorder. Practice principles are brought to life in vivid play therapy case illustrations throughout the volume. Special topics include play therapy treatment with military families and play therapy interventions for adolescents and adults.
-Select appropriate answers to multiple choice questions regarding various play therapy theories
-Read and gauge the value of child centered play therapy
-Compare Child Centered Play Therapy to Adlerian Play Therapy
-Compare Analytical Jungian Play Therapy to Psychodynamic Play Therapy
-Notice where theories overlap in different play therapy approaches.
         i.e. Carl Rogers Person Centered - Child Centered Play Therapy and Child 
               Parent Relationship Therapy and Animal Assisted Play Therapy
-Reflect on Object Relations and Attachment-Based Play Therapy /Attachment
          Security as a Framework in Play Therapy/Theraplay
-Observe how Carl Rogers person centered theory fits with Child Centered Play Therapy 
-Assess Psychoanalytic theory to psychodynamic play therapy
-Observe how Adler’s Individual Psychology fits with Adlerian Play Therapy
-Review the integrative Theoretical Approach to Play Therapy 
-Review, become knowledgeable and aware of Cultural Issues in Play Therapy
-Explore the neuroscience of healing play at every age
-Be informed about Ethics in Play Therapy
-Read Clinical Applications of Play Therapy 
             i.e.  bullying, school based, homelessness, divorce, abused, disaster
         and crisis and more