Cultural Issues

Helping play therapists hone their skills for working with diverse children and families, this unique volume looks at play therapy through a multicultural lens. Experienced practitioners examine how cultural factors may influence the ways children express themselves through play, the feelings they associate with different activities, and the responses of children and parents to particular play therapy interventions. Filled with evocative play therapy clinical material, chapters highlight specific issues to consider when working with African American, Latino, Native American, and Asian American children in play therapy. The book also provides suggestions for setting up a therapeutic playroom that is engaging and welcoming to all.
  1. Explore the steps to becoming a cross-culturally competent play therapist.
  2. Identify toys that are appropriate, optimize and promote play therapy goals and reflect cultural diversity.
  3. Discover various ways to get to know a client’s culture and address this in play therapy sessions. 
  4. Determine the purpose of play and symbology within cultures and recognize this symbology in play therapy sessions.