Ethical Guidance to Play Therapy
APT Best Practices, Clinical, Professional and Ethical Issues
Lisa Dykes-Harrell, LPCC, RPT-S

Play Therapists have a commitment and a responsibility to act ethically and to expect this of their colleagues, supervisees, supervisors.  This webinar will review state licensing board’s and primary mental health association’s ethical mandates for licensees and how these requirements were incorporated throughout the 2019  APT Best Practices.  This will be achieved by utilizing play therapy vignettes, discovering its purpose and how it has been influenced in order to create guidelines for the instruction, supervision, and practice of play therapy

-Compare various Codes of Ethics, the federal and state role in mental health and how they impact APT Best Practices
- Identify the purpose for codes and the reason for implementing APT Best Practices

-Utilize ethical play therapy vignettes to recognize how they apply to APT Best Practices