Advanced Child Centered Play Therapy

Advanced Skills in Play Therapy - Utilizing a Developmental and Family System Framework to Support our Clients Healing

This workshop will provide a conceptual framework to clinicians who are utilizing play therapy to treat children from ages 2-10. The framework is flexible and tailored to each child individually and their particular family system. This workshop will incorporate the importance of understanding basic child development both physiological and neurological, and the imbedded role the caregiver system plays in that development. This workshop will address the vital importance of working with this information to heal child trauma, grief and distress.

The clinician will learn how to assess a child’s developmental capacities and how it informs the treatment plan. 

The clinician will learn how assessment of the child and caregiver regulatory needs informs the treatment plan. 

The clinician will learn tools and skills to meet the child’s developmental needs and regulation needs in play therapy. 

The clinician will learn how to incorporate caregivers as partners in treatment 

The clinician will learn methods of assessing and building partners in parents who are resistant to treatment or caregivers who create an emotionally unsafe environment for their child. 

The clinician will learn how by meeting the above objectives, the foundational stage is set for healing child’s trauma/grief/distress through play therapy and they are creating lasting change in their family system.